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Can Snow and Ice Create Heat Pump Problems?

Snow-Covered Heat Pump

When the winter weather sets in, many people depend on powered heat sources like electric heaters to supply warmth. Cold weather can be problematic to individuals with heat pumps. Read on to understand how snow and ice create heat pump problems in Clear Spring, MD.

Heat Pump System Failure

Excessive snow and ice block the connection between your outdoor and indoor units. As a result, you’ll encounter reduced airflow and introduce an error code on your programmable thermostat. Ultimately, your heating system will malfunction or stop operating.

Freeze Your HVAC System Outdoor Coils

Exposed outdoor coils on your heat pump are vulnerable to the harsh winter weather that chills them down and causes a freeze. Once the coils freeze, your heating or cooling system stands the risk of completely shutting down. You should contact an HVAC repair service technician for repairs and prevent a future recurring scenario.

Break the Condenser Sleeve

The condenser sleeve surrounds the entire outside HVAC unit. Snow and ice buildup can cause your condenser sleeve to crack and break. These breakages will increase the chances of getting refrigerant leaks, which cause the malfunction of your heating system.

Decrease Your Heat Pump’s Efficiency

Snow and ice accumulating affects your outdoor unit’s movements, making your blower fan overheat. Overheating will reduce the efficiency and use up more energy to operate. As a result, your energy and utility bills will increase.

Block Airflow

Snow and ice accumulation will obstruct consistent air flow from the outdoor unit to your indoor unit. This may drop your unit’s temperature to the dew point and fail to support the internal temperature. With time, the effect introduces damage to the system’s primary compressor parts, like the fan motor.

It’d be best to avoid snow and ice buildup on your heating system. Use a brush or a shovel to clear off the snow and ice to prevent more damage. Contact Hagerstown Heating & Cooling for quality heat pump services in Clear Spring, MD.

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