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Central Air Conditioners in Hagerstown, MD

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You really can’t go wrong with a central air conditioner in Hagerstown, MD. Central AC systems and inverter air conditioners are the gold standard in terms of cooling technology in the United States. Work with a licensed pro at Hagerstown Heating & Cooling to get your central AC unit installed for the lowest price possible.

  • State License Technicians
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We want to emphasize that there’s zero risk in doing business with us. You get access to qualified and insured professionals, and high-tech systems that reduce energy bills.

Contact Hagerstown Heating & Cooling for central and inverter AC services that’ll make you smile. Honesty at its best!


Central AC Installation

Central AC installations represent the best of both worlds. They’re some of the more affordable models to purchase, and they do a great job cooling a home throughout the year. Some models today reach efficiency levels that only high-tech systems in the past could reach, so you’ll save every month on electricity bills as well! Contact us today to get started.

Central AC Replacement

Is your old air conditioner barely working? Perhaps it still works but it’s running up your energy bill and making strange sounds. In this case, we’d recommend calling us for central AC replacement that’ll be easily installed where your old system was. This is a comprehensive solution that gets the job done.

Central AC Repair

A central air conditioner can run into numerous problems over its 10-15 year lifespan. It could start leaking refrigerant, have a compressor component fail, and even deal with power surges and electrical malfunctions. Thankfully, our technicians have a long checklist for diagnosing issues when we’re called for central AC repair and central AC maintenance in Hagerstown, MD.

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