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Furnace Refurbishment Services

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2024
Van 9

One of the biggest pain points of being a homeowner is the need to replace an expensive HVAC system every 10 years. We understand that not all homeowners can afford to pay upfront for a new system and that credit problems make financing a new system impossible for some customers. That’s why we offer HVAC system refurbishment services.

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Don’t Get Scammed Into an Oversized Heat Pump

Monday, March 25th, 2024
Hvac Tech Showing Customers His Clipboard

As more and more homeowners switch from central furnaces and air conditioners to heat pumps, we’d like to remind our customers about the dangers of an oversized heat pump. Just like any HVAC system, professional and proper sizing is required to ensure your heat pump runs efficiently and effectively so it can adequately heat and cool your home.

Although heat pumps have been around for decades, they’ve surged in popularity fairly recently. As such, a lot of amateurs don’t have the skills that are needed to properly size a heat pump—especially when switching from a furnace/AC system to a heat pump. 

Because these systems provide both heating and cooling, there’s more to consider compared to the sizing of separate systems. Let’s go over why heat pumps need to be so accurately sized and the cons of an oversized heat pump.

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Does HVAC Duct Cleaning Really Do Anything?

Monday, March 11th, 2024

One of the most common questions we get from homeowners is: “Does HVAC duct cleaning really do anything?” Here at Hagerstown Heating & Cooling, you can always rest assured that we never recommend services that aren’t beneficial or necessary. After all, our motto is “Honesty at its best.”

We recommend air duct cleaning be performed every 3–5 years—not nearly as often as annual HVAC maintenance. Scheduling this service every 3–5 years brings many benefits not just to your HVAC system, but to your home, family, and health as well. Let’s go over six benefits of duct cleaning.

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Hagerstown Heating & Cooling Nomination for the Best of the Tri-State 2024

Monday, February 26th, 2024

We are grateful to our community for nominating Hagerstown Heating & Cooling for the Best of the Tri-State 2024! Now through March 10, 2024, follow this link, select Services and then scroll down to Heating & Air Conditioning. 

Vote for Hagerstown Heating & Cooling, your favorite HVAC company, and you’ll be entered into Verstandig Media’s $250 gift card giveaway, a WIN/WIN! Every week they’ll randomly choose one person who nominated/voted to win $250 in gift cards. Your vote determines the best!

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97% of HVAC Systems Are Installed Wrong! Read Before You Buy

Monday, November 20th, 2023

When you’re getting a new furnace, there’s a lot to think about. You need to plan and budget, do some research, and decide which type of furnace to get. After all that thinking and planning, you might be at your wit’s end when it finally comes to the most important aspect of furnace installation: the installation process itself.

Unfortunately, all that planning won’t matter if you choose an amateur or a DIY installation. The most important day in a furnace’s lifespan is the day that it’s installed. Let’s go over the long list of things that can go wrong if a furnace isn’t properly installed.

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4 Tips for Improving Your Home’s Air Quality for the Holidays

Monday, November 6th, 2023

It’s the holiday season and for some people, it’s their favorite time of year. From baking cookies and putting up holiday decorations, to spending more time with friends and family, there’s a lot to look forward to!

But one thing that’ll interfere with your merriment and enjoyment of the holidays is poor indoor air quality in your home. After all, no one wants to host out-of-town visitors when there’s a smell you can’t get rid of or your home’s air causes their allergies to flare up. So here are four tips to help make sure everything about your home is festive and welcoming—especially its air!

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How Does Humidity Affect My HVAC System?

Monday, October 9th, 2023

It’s a cold, dry winter day and you’re at home, trying to get comfortable. But every now and then, you get a surprising static shock. Ouch! Static shock is an annoying side effect of the dry air we have to deal with in our climate here in Hagerstown, MD. 

Then, when you turn the furnace on to get warm and increase your home comfort, your forced-air heating system just seems to make the air even dryer. Most homeowners think that dry winter air is just something they have to deal with. But what if there was a way to achieve humidity control in your home?

The humidity levels in your home can easily be controlled with a whole house humidifier installed by the pros at Hagerstown Heating & Cooling. Read on to learn about the benefits of a whole house humidifier and how it’ll vastly increase your home comfort. 

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Introducing Our New E-Commerce Site

Monday, October 2nd, 2023
Hagerstown Heating Cooling Van

At Hagerstown Heating & Cooling, we strive to make it as easy as possible for our customers to achieve the ultimate in home comfort. That’s why we’ve created an online store for you, our valued customers.

Our new e-commerce website is here to make your HVAC experience easier! You can now quote your own system, purchase air filters, and more all from your phone or computer. You can even set up auto-delivery of air filters so you never run out again. You’ll even save 10% when you set up auto-delivery!

Our Free Online Quote makes it easy to start the process of purchasing a new furnace, heat pump, or air conditioner for your home. Simply answer a few quick questions, get an instant on-screen quote, and schedule a home visit.

At Hagerstown Heating & Cooling, we want to protect customers from Google and other contractors. Honesty at Its Best. 

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The Real Purpose of an HVAC System Filter

Monday, August 14th, 2023
AC Filter

Most homeowners know that their HVAC system has an air filter that needs to be changed on a regular basis. However, what most homeowners don’t know is the reason why they’re supposed to change it. Contrary to popular belief, the air filter isn’t there to keep your home’s air clean. In fact, it has very little to do with your indoor air quality.

The air filter’s primary job is to keep dirt, dust, and debris out of the interior of your HVAC system. Let’s go over the big job that a tiny air filter performs on a daily basis and why it’s so important. We’ll also take a look at what can happen to your HVAC system when you neglect this essential maintenance task.

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How Your Indoor Air Quality Affects Allergies

Monday, June 19th, 2023

There’s a lot to love about the summer. Longer days, warmer temperatures, spending time outside, and all the blooming plants and flowers. That is unless you suffer from allergies. Then you might not be a big fan of that last one. 

Anyone who suffers from allergies knows that the constant sniffling, sneezing, and watery, irritated eyes can really diminish the enjoyment of summer. Most allergy sufferers just put up with the symptoms, assuming there’s nothing they can do. 

But that’s where we come in! For any home with allergy sufferers, read on to learn how air filtration services in Hagerstown, MD will improve your indoor air quality (IAQ) and decrease your allergy symptoms.

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