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Zone Control Systems in Hagerstown, MD

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Sometimes, especially in older homes, the temperature can vary wildly from room to room. This used to be a persistent and permanent problem until zone control systems were invented. Here at Hagerstown Heating & Cooling, we can install and support zone control systems to keep homes in Hagerstown, MD evenly heated and cooled.

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The days of hot and cold spots are over. With a unified system of dampers in your ductwork, it’ll keep things evenly cooled without wasting energy or time.

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Zone Control System Installation

If the kitchen is too cold and the living room is too hot, then you’re in a unique situation. Your heating system or air conditioner has the capability to keep both rooms comfortable, but something is stopping this from happening. A zone control system installation helps regulate this temperature control so that you get a more even cooling and heating throughout your house. Give us a call to get started.

Zone Control System Replacement

Zone control systems will eventually get old and outdated. They’ll break down and the dampers can even corrode or start leaking themselves. Thankfully, we’ve got specialists who provide zone control system replacements for homes that require them.

Zone Control System Repair

Zone control system repairs are hard to achieve without specialized equipment. A homeowner trying to fix their broken dampers might lead to a broken air duct system and leaking air. Always rely on our team of professionals in Hagerstown, MD to perform this task.

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