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tammilicious's Profile Image
tammilicious, This month

It was difficult to find anyone in the area who had experience and understood mini-split systems. So, when Hagerstown Heating & Cooling sent over Daniel, we were thrilled and relieved! Mr. Mayer was very kind, efficient and knowledgeable. Great job!

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Charlie Rubis, This month

I live in an old house that has had it's heating and cooling issues. Have worked with these guys a few times and they have helped get me thermostat compatible with my system which had helped our bill a lot.. Recently I got an energy audit done to to help get my usage down and it was a great experience! Matt took the time to walk through every area of the house where improvements could be made and through the Potomac Edison program got me a huge rebate on insulation which is already making a difference in the house. Can't recommend this group enough!

BRYAN NICHOLS's Profile Image

From start to finish, we felt taken care of by Matt and crew. Everyone was professional, on time, and polite.

Matt McDaniel's Profile Image
Matt McDaniel, Last month

I had a Bosch Inverter heat pump system added to my existing propane furnace and I Lowered my propane bill by 65%. I trusted the professional by letting him explain to me how I could save money by investing a little more upfront and saving a fortune on propane!

Amber Farris's Profile Image
Amber Farris, This year

I want to give these guys a huge shout out. I have a portable A/C unit that got dirt in it when a plant was knocked over on it. We reached out to Hagerstown Heating and Cooling to see if they could help us. They told us from the start that they do not normally service portable units, however they were willing to look and see if there was anyway they could help us. They charged a flat fee of $99 dollars to bring it in the same day to see what they could do. When they called us to pick it up, they had cleaned out the clog, cleaned out the excess dirt, and greased several cogs. After getting it home we have not had any issues of squealing, spewing water, or leaking. I cannot thank them enough for how much they helped us. The team there saved us almost $500 if we had to get a new air conditioner.

Jim Stearns's Profile Image
Jim Stearns, This year

Humidifier not working. A full diagnosis was conducted including consulting with my plumber. Exceptional customer service.

Stuart Lewis's Profile Image
Stuart Lewis, This year

Matt, Colin, and the entire Installation team were excellent to work with! I went from baseboard/air conditioner to an Inverter HVAC. Everyone was professional and I am very pleased with the new system, and have already seen the savings on my electric bill.
Matt was very instrumental in getting me into Potomac Edison's Energy Efficiency program. I highly recommend Hagerstown Heating & Cooling! Thank you so much for making the change to a new system a very positive experience!

Judy Muth's Profile Image
Judy Muth, This year

The crew was professional and explained what they were doing

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Cameron Nyack, This year

My furnace stopped blowing hot air early this morning. Since I used them in the past and was happy with their service, I called Hagerstown Heating and Cooling. Gary arrived in the appointment window. He was a customer service dream guy. He was so friendly and upbeat. He quickly diagnosed the problem and repaired my furnace. He is a wealth of information, as we spoke the entire time he was at my house. Thank you, Gary.

Dave Carr's Profile Image
Dave Carr, This year

John was very thorough, competent and professional. Nice to see someone take such pride in their work.

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