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Why Furnace Efficiency Is Only Half the Battle

Monday, February 26th, 2024
Duct Cleaning

If we were to ask you what HVAC stands for, you’d easily guess “heating and air conditioning.” But what about the “V” in HVAC? It stands for “ventilation,” and don’t be too hard on yourself if you didn’t know that. Not only do most homeowners not know what the “V” stands for, but many of them also aren’t aware of just how important your home’s ventilation system is.

You can invest in a high-efficiency furnace or air conditioner, but spending money on a costly system is only half the battle. Many other things affect your home’s energy efficiency, such as the quality of your ductwork and how well your home is insulated. Let’s go over these essential components of how to achieve the best energy efficiency levels in your home.

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Combat Wildfire Smoke with a Whole House Purifier

Monday, August 28th, 2023

2023 was unprecedented in the number of states that were affected by wildfire smoke–wildfires that were burning in another country. The 2023 Canadian wildfires caused the air quality to plummet in many northern and mid-west states that weren’t used to its negative effects. 

Most of these homeowners aren’t aware of the connection between wildfire smoke and their home’s indoor air quality. Trying to make do with portable air filters isn’t very effective when smoke, ash, and particulate matter have infiltrated the rooms of your home despite your best efforts to keep it out.

Let’s go over whole house solutions that’ll combat not just particulate matter from wildfires, but other types of indoor pollution. Then you can contact us for air purifier service in Boonsboro, MD.

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What’s Growing Inside Your Air Conditioner?

Monday, July 17th, 2023
corner of a room of an empty and new apartment with wooden floors and white walls and a serious toxic mold and mildew problem

Your air conditioner has an important job: to keep your home and family cool during our hot, humid summers. What it shouldn’t do is harbor unhealthy growth that can not only cause your AC to stop working, but can cause health issues for your household.

An air conditioner works by collecting and draining the condensation that forms from water vapor in your home’s air. When your AC isn’t working as it should, this condensation can combine with dirt, dust, and dander, which becomes a breeding ground for mold.

Unfortunately, mold growth is a common issue for air conditioning systems. Its small, dark spaces make it an easy, ideal place for mold growth to begin. Let’s go over why this happens and what you should do if you suspect mold growth in your AC.

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