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Commercial Air Conditioning in Hagerstown, MD

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When summer comes along, you’re going to want to make sure your commercial space is a place of refuge from the scorching temperatures and muggy humidity. With a powerful commercial air conditioner provided by Hagerstown Heating & Cooling, you’ll be in great shape!

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We take pride in having a great work ethic. Keep your commercial establishment cool and your customers happy with our help.

Contact Hagerstown Heating & Cooling the commercial cooling experts in Hagerstown, MD. Honesty at its best.


Commercial Air Conditioning Installation

Industrial air conditioners vary in size and design. For instance, you might want a modular heat pump system, also known as a rooftop unit, set up on the roof of your warehouse. These systems will both heat and cool the entire space of your building. Regardless of whether you’d like a commercial heat pump or AC unit, our team can help you with commercial air conditioning installation today.

Commercial Air Conditioning Replacement

Eventually, even commercial air conditioners will only last upwards of 10-15 years before they reach their limit. You’ll notice component depreciation, constant breakdowns, and even leaks of water or refrigerant. At this point, you’ll be better off calling us for a commercial air conditioning replacement.

Commercial Air Conditioning Repair

Why not schedule a commercial air conditioning maintenance appointment to get regular updates and warnings when a repair is needed? Or if you’re just in need of a simple fix, our team can bring you commercial air conditioning repairs in Hagerstown, MD for any commercial customer who is in need. Just call our hotline and we’ll be there in a fully stocked truck!

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