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Don’t Make These 4 Common Heat Pump Mistakes in Sharpsburg, MD

Heat Pump

Using your heat pump wrongly will reduce your comfort and increase your repair and energy costs. Unfortunately, most homeowners are not even aware that they are using their systems wrongly. We will discuss mistakes people make with heat pumps in Sharpsburg, MD.

1. Cranking Up Your Thermostat

You may get home to a freezing indoor environment and assume that cranking up your thermostat will warm your house faster. Unfortunately, you will be harming your system.

Cranking up your thermostat makes your heat pump run for an extended period. Consequently, its parts undergo more wear and tear, increasing the frequency of repairs. Running for a long time also increases your energy bill.

2. Ignoring Unusual Smells and Sounds

Ideally, heat pumps do not produce disturbing sounds and smells when running. However, the system may have weird sounds and smells if your unit’s parts operate inefficiently.

The odors may include burning, rotten eggs and musty smells. You should look out for unusual sounds like banging, clicking, buzzing, hissing and gurgling. Seeking repair services quickly when you detect anything unusual about the heat pump helps to prevent further damage.

3. Skipping Maintenance

Maintenance helps keep your heat pump’s components working efficiently, hence increasing its lifespan. A well-maintained heat pump is also energy efficient and does not break down often.

When your technician shows up for maintenance, they inspect and repair the problematic parts. They will also lubricate the moving parts, check electrical connections and clean the components.

4. Going for DIY Repairs and Unprofessional Technicians

Sometimes, your heat pump may break down, and you decide to work on it or look for someone that you assume might know something about heat pumps. Homeowners do this to save on repair costs, but these practices may cause more damage to your heat pump or result in accidents. Always seek a professional technician to work on your system.

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