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Should I Repair or Replace My Heat Pump in Fairplay, MD?

Need To Repair Heat Pump

No heat pump lasts forever, and no heat pump can deliver the same efficient performance year after year. If you’re unsure whether to repair or replace your heat pump in Fairplay, MD, consider these factors:

Heat Pump’s Age

Heat pumps can last between 10 and 20 years. If your heat pump has broken down and you know it has reached 15 years or more, it may be time to plan for a replacement. Newer models boast better efficiency ratings and convenient features.

How Often Does the Heat Pump Malfunction?

Also ask yourself how often the heat pump has been breaking down and the nature of each breakdown. For example, an issue with the air vents shouldn’t prejudice you to the quality and condition of the heat pump. In addition, you should request maintenance every year to avoid most of the smaller issues that can arise.

Maintenance has the additional benefit of minimizing your monthly energy expense. However, if you notice your bills rising in spite of all the tuneups and repairs, then opt for a new, energy-efficient unit.

Cost of Certain Repairs

Familiarize yourself with what service technicians call the $5,000 rule: multiply the heat pump’s age by the cost of a given repair. If it amounts to more than $5,000, replace the system. After all, some repairs, such as compressor replacements, can be almost as expensive as getting a brand new heat pump.

Hire Our Experienced Team

Fairplay, MD, residents have trusted Hagerstown Heating & Cooling since 2011, and they love us for our upfront estimates and 100% money-back guarantees. Call us today to take advantage of these and other benefits no matter the heat pump service you need. Our service technicians have NATE certification and undergo 90 hours of training every year to stay updated on the latest heating and cooling technologies available.

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