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4 HVAC Tasks That You Should Add to Your Spring To-Do List

HVAC Maintenance

Helping your HVAC system in Clear Spring, MD, operate at peak efficiency throughout the year requires a little effort and a lot of care. While you should leave most HVAC tasks to a professional service technician, including tuneups and repairs, you can do some on your own without worry. Here are four to add to your spring to-do list:

Change the Filter Every Month

Before turning on your air conditioner for the first time this cooling season, change or clean its filter, depending on your system. Continue to do this every month during the spring and summer to facilitate proper airflow in your AC system. By doing so, you’ll minimize cooling costs and prevent breakdowns. You’ll also protect your indoor air quality.

Clear Debris Around the Outdoor Compressor

It’s likely that branches, leaves, and other yard debris have collected around your air conditioner’s outdoor compressor during the winter months. Take some time to remove these and ensure there’s at least a few feet of clearance around your AC system. This will ensure your air conditioner doesn’t struggle to maintain a cool indoor temperature.

Upgrade Your Manual Thermostat

Do you still use a manual thermostat to control your home’s temperature? You’re missing out on some serious energy savings and other benefits that programmable models offer. With a programmable or smart thermostat installation, you’ll enjoy a long list of features that add comfort, convenience and cost savings to your life.

Schedule Spring AC Maintenance

As noted, it’s best to leave most HVAC tasks to a trained, certified and experienced professional. The team at Hagerstown Heating & Cooling is here to help prepare your air conditioner for the upcoming heat. We complete all the HVAC tasks needed to ensure you enjoy a comfortable home during the hottest times of the year for the lowest price possible. Contact us today to schedule AC maintenance or to learn about our HVAC maintenance memberships.

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