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Tips for Maintaining Your AC Unit This Summer

August 9, 2019

Fall months are approaching, but the summer heat is here to stay, which means your air conditioning unit will be in use for a little while longer. Check out this list of our favorite maintenance tips to make sure your unit runs smoothly for the rest of the summer.


Don’t forget to replace your air filters! This is an applicable tip all year long, no matter what the weather is like. Your filters help to clean the air before it enters your HVAC unit to cool it and then recirculate it throughout your home. If your filters become clogged with dirt, dust, debris, or even pet dander, this could affect the circulation of clean air throughout your home. For most households, it is necessary for air filters to be replaced every 2 to 3 months depending on a number of factors including:

  • Age of residents
  • Number of residents
  • Number of pets


Did you know that your air conditioning unit has coils inside of it? These coils are what keep the air inside of your house cool during the hot summer months, by absorbing the heat and transferring it outside. If the coils get covered by dirt or dust, then their absorbency is weakened, and they can’t absorb heat as efficiently, which will affect the rest of your air conditioning unit’s efficiency as well.

While it’s important to keep the coils clean, it is not a job you can do on your own. These coils are filled with a chemical called refrigerant that can only be handled by licensed professionals. To have your coils cleaned and maintained, contact a local HVAC company.


Just because it’s 100 degrees outside doesn’t mean you need to set your thermostat to 50. It might feel good as your home begins to cool down, but this feeling won’t last very long before you’re freezing and then you crank the temp back up to 80. This starts a vicious yo-yo game of temperatures, which puts a lot of stress on your unit and could cause it to breakdown prematurely.


At Hagerstown Heating & Cooling, we understand the importance of indoor comfort, which is why we offer comfort checks as one of our services. During a comfort check, we will evaluate your home and its systems performance to make sure that the equipment is running efficiently while maintaining your comfort.


Regular maintenance on your air conditioning unit is important all year round, but it is especially important during the in-between seasons. Having your unit inspected during this time will alert you to any potential issues or obstacles before they become major problems.

If you run into any problems while maintaining your HVAC unit this summer, don’t hesitate to contact the cooling experts at Hagerstown Heating & Cooling. Get in touch with us through our contact form on our website or by giving us a call at (240) 366-0329.

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