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Things to Know About Whole-Home Air Purifiers in Hagerstown, MD

September 7, 2020

The quality of the air you breathe affects your overall health. Installing a whole-home air purifier in your Hagerstown, MD, home can help eliminate pollutants from the air that you and your family breathes. Here are the vital facts you need to know about whole-home air purifiers:

How Whole-Home Air Purifiers Work

Whole-house air purifiers work in two ways: using media and electronic filters. Typically, the media filter creates a barrier that traps small particles. On the flip side, the electronic filters utilize robust voltage to capture all the contaminants in your home.

The air purifier will work with the air conditioner that you have so that as the AC system cools the environment during summer, the purifier will trap allergens. It works the same with your heater. You can ensure the system is in excellent condition by scheduling periodic professional maintenance services.

Benefits of an Air Purifier

As their name implies, whole-home air purifiers purify the air in your house. As a result, they help you and your loved ones sleep well at night and breathe easily.

An air purifier is advantageous since it cleans the indoor environment with minimal noise. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about any disturbances, especially at night. Since it’s a small device, it won’t take up much space in your house.

Types of Whole-Home Purifiers

Air purifiers fall into different categories depending on their features and how they work. The most common types have media and electronic filters. Others include ultraviolet filters that optimize UV light to trap viruses and bacteria.

Electrostatic filters use charges that will capture particles and debris, leaving the air fresh. Media filters can attract larger particles than the electronic type.

Contact Hagerstown Heating & Cooling so that we can perform indoor air quality testing on your home. We’ll use the test results to install a whole-home air purifier that suits all your needs.

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