Drain Cleaning

4 Signs You Need Professional Drain Cleaning in Greencastle, PA

March 13, 2022

It’s easy to overlook your home’s drainage system. But when a clog occurs, panic often makes it hard to understand the cause. Here are the telltale signs you need a professional drain cleaning in Greencastle, PA, to keep your home’s drains running smoothly:

Slow Drains

Several things can cause slow drains, but foreign objects clogging them are common culprits. Items such as soap scum, food particles and hair can build up and clog your drains, making them slow. It’s advisable to hire drain cleaning experts rather than assume the slow drains will get better with time.

Unusual Noises

When drains clog, the water running through them pushes itself through small spaces or changes course. That explains why you hear bubbling or gurgling sounds after turning on the sink or flushing the toilet. It’s time to hire professional drain cleaning services to fix the drainage issue.

Standing Water

You require drain cleaning services if you have standing water after taking a shower or water fails to drain from the washing machine or sink. Standing water indicates the presence of a plug somewhere in the drainage pipes due to a buildup of hair or food particles, preventing water flow through them. Professionally cleaning your drains is the best way to unplug the drainage pipes and allow proper water flow out of the home.

Strange Odors

There’s a plumbing issue if you start smelling mysterious odors from your plumbing fixtures. The odors could be waste not flowing through the drains or sewer gases. You need to hire the pros to clean your drains and prevent future clogs.

If these signs seem familiar, you need professional drain cleaning services. You can avoid stubborn or frequent clogs by regularly cleaning your drains. Call Hagerstown Heating & Cooling today to schedule plumbing repairs and more information about drain cleaning.

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