Furnace Odors

3 Reasons for Those Weird Furnace Odors in Clear Spring, MD

December 22, 2021

When the furnace is in good working condition, it runs quietly and without any odors. However, if you detect odors, such as rotten eggs, sulfur, dust, burning wires or a musty smell, there may be a problem with the furnace. Below are some of the common causes of furnace odors in Clear Spring, MD:

Leaky Gas Supply Lines

If there’s a gas leak in your gas supply lines, you’ll detect a gassy or rotten egg smell from the furnace. Depending on the strength of the smell, you may need to shut off the gas supply and the furnace. Keep the carbon monoxide detector on to know if there are harmful levels of carbon monoxide in the air.

Gas leaks may result from a loose connection or a damaged gas line. Open windows and doors to aerate your home and call our service technicians to check the lines and the furnace.

Damaged Wires or Overheating in the Furnace

If any of the components in the furnace overheats, it may result in the smell of burnt rubber, metal or plastic. The smell of burning plastic might result from an electrical short, incomplete wiring or wire damage. If a wire falls out of place and falls on a hot plate, the plastic insulation will burn.

A metallic smell can indicate a blown blower motor, belt or any other mechanical part. If the fan wobbles, it may scrape and leave a metallic smell.

Cracked Heat Exchanger

If your heat exchanger cracks, you may feel a chemical odor coming from the furnace. A crack on the heat exchanger lets out gases from the furnace, which mix with the air from the blower. The gases from the heat exchanger are toxic and might cause poisoning.

If you see smoke or visible fumes and smoke, switch off the furnace and shut off the gas lines. Call Hagerstown Heating & Cooling for expert heating services.

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