Discussing Tankless Water Heaters

3 Reasons To Choose Tankless Water Heaters in Clear Spring, MD

March 18, 2021

Tankless water heaters have been growing in popularity in Clear Spring, MD, over the past decade. The combination of convenience and efficiency has struck a chord with buyers. Here are three reasons you should upgrade to a tankless water heater today:

How a Tankless Water Heater Works

Tankless water heaters use a network of switchback piping in a small footprint to heat your water on demand. Cold water enters the unit and hot water comes out the other end for an endless supply of hot water.


Traditional water heaters have to keep a large tank of water hot at all times, which causes it to be in a constant battle with the cooling effect of the air around the tank. Since tankless water heaters only heat your water when needed, they run far less often than traditional units. This allows the heater to run only under demand and will lower the energy needed to heat your water by at least 20%.

Endless Hot Water

Traditional water heaters require large holding tanks to cover your hot water needs, and those tanks often run out before fulfilling them. Spacing out activities such as taking showers and doing the dishes is a common necessity for households with a standard water heater. Since tankless water heaters heat the water as it flows, there’s never a need to ration hot water use throughout the day.

Smaller Footprint

With no need for a holding tank, your tankless water heater installs on any exterior wall. Not only is the water heater out of the way, but your plumbing is also run in a more convenient fashion. Tankless water heaters open up the floor space that is normally consumed by the holding tank and pipes of a standard unit.

Call us at Hagerstown Heating & Cooling to upgrade to a tankless water heater or for other plumbing services anywhere in the Clear Spring, MD, area today. Our certified service technicians will set you up with the system that best fits your home.

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