Frozen Pipe

Can the Pipe to the Toilet Freeze?

February 1, 2020

You’ve most likely heard that you should leave the water running in your house during cold weather when you travel. This ensures water is moving through the pipes, which helps prevent the pipes from freezing. No matter how careful you are, though, sometimes pipes still freeze. When a pipe freezes and bursts, the aftermath can be a massive headache. Keep reading to learn if the pipe to the toilet in your Boonsboro, Maryland, home can freeze and what to do about it.

Can Toilet Pipes Freeze?

Usually, toilet pipes freeze because they’re fitted on outside walls. The point of placing toilet pipes on the outside walls is that it makes it easier to run sewer lines. Unfortunately, though, these outside walls transmit low temperatures during the cold months. As a result, the pipes are at high risk for freezing.

Can You Repair a Frozen Toilet Pipe?

You should always leave fixing a frozen toilet pipe in the hands of a professional. The freeze could affect either the supply line or the drain or both. If the supply line to the toilet has frozen, you can still flush it once because you have access to the water stored in the tank and not frozen. However, after one flush, the tank can’t fill back up due to the frozen pipe. To remedy this until you repair the underlying problem, fill the tank with water from a nearby sink.

If the drain pipe from the toilet is frozen, it’s best to avoid flushing it. If you do, there’s a good chance the water will back up in the bowl, causing an overflow. To avoid shattering the toilet bowl, you should never try to break up any ice in it.

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