Inefficient AC System

Is Your AC System in Myersville, MD, Inefficient?

July 3, 2021

Over time, your air conditioner might get dirty or faulty, making it inefficient. The signs of an inefficient AC system could be visible or mechanical. Below are three signs of a weak AC system to look out for in your Myersville, MD, home.

Rapid Increase in Energy Bills

If your AC system is faulty or dirty, it’ll have to work harder. The harder it works, the longer it takes to cool your home. As you know, the longer the air conditioner stays on, the more you’ll pay for electricity bills.

You’ll need to hire specialists to address the AC system inefficiencies as soon as possible. Through proper diagnosis, service technicians can find and fix the underlying problems. Our talented service technicians offer prompt and accurate AC repair and maintenance services.

Buildup of Ice on Your AC Compressor

Ice buildup on your AC compressor can highly affect its efficiency. Ice buildups on AC compressors result from congested filters, drippy refrigerants and faulty coils. Clearing ice buildup isn’t something you should do yourself.

Instead of clearing the ice yourself, which might result in injuries, hire AC repair service technicians. Certified service technicians can diagnose and address such issues promptly. Vetted for the jobs and insured to offer safe services, our service technicians will never disappoint.

High Temperature When AC System is On

Finally, if your AC system is inept, it won’t cool your home. Even if it does, it may take forever to achieve the desired temperatures.

An inefficient AC system needs troubleshooting and repair to work well. If you don’t want to deal with an inefficient air conditioner or frequent repairs, it’s a good idea to schedule annual AC maintenance services. Our skilled and insured service technicians have years of active practice and won’t disappoint.

Our team will provide premium services to ensure your home feels comfortable on the hottest days. When you notice any of the signs of an inefficient air conditioner, contact us at Hagerstown Heating & Cooling for prompt diagnosis and AC repair service.

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