Residential HVAC Maintenance

The Importance of Scheduling Regular Residential HVAC Maintenance

July 20, 2020

Even with seasonal changes, it’s important to ensure the temperature in your home stays constant. To achieve that, it’s essential to have your HVAC system running optimally all through the year. Here’s why it’s important for residents in Hagerstown, MD, to schedule regular HVAC maintenance for their heating and cooling systems.

Save Money

Having your HVAC unit optimized ensures that it runs smoothly and uses less energy to heat and cool your home. If you see a spike in your utility bills, consider scheduling a regular maintenance appointment.

Regular maintenance not only ensures you save on operational costs. It also reduces repair and replacement costs. Through regular HVAC maintenance, you can have your unit inspected and prevent unexpected bills.

Increased System Lifespan

Whether you had your system installed or bought a house with a pre-installed HVAC unit, you’re probably not considering purchasing a new unit any time soon. Unfortunately, units that are not regularly tuned up tend to wear out over time.

By scheduling regular maintenance with qualified HVAC experts, you can increase the lifespan of your unit. Most HVAC systems can last for about a decade. Without being tuned up regularly, this can be a hard-to-achieve milestone.

Cleaner Air

A dirty HVAC system supplies filthy air to your family. One of the frequent maintenance issues many homeowners run into is clogging of the ductwork with pet dander and dust. It puts everyone in the house at risk of inhaling contaminants harmful to their health.

Having an expert visit regularly to clean the ductwork and replace the air filters of your HVAC unit can ensure that you keep allergies at bay. Scheduling regular maintenance is especially important for family members with underlying respiratory conditions like asthma.

Better Comfort

Many homeowners depend on HVAC units to keep their homes comfortable all year. One key characteristic of a malfunctioning HVAC system is having cold and hot spots in different areas of your home. Regular maintenance can ensure your air conditioner distributes cooled air more steadily and evenly.

It can be easy for you to put off maintenance when you consider the upfront costs. But maintenance costs are lower than the expenses you would pay for emergency repairs if the unit ceases to function. Regular maintenance also minimizes the chances of your HVAC unit producing unpleasant smells and noises.

Fewer System Breakdowns

Nothing can compare to the frustration that comes with an HVAC unit breakdown in the middle of a hot summer night. By sticking to an annual maintenance agreement, you can reduce the chances of such occurrences. An HVAC unit that ceases to function warrants emergency repairs that come at a heftier price.

During each maintenance visit, the HVAC service technician inspects and detects any unprecedented issues long before they develop into bigger problems. Bigger problems translate into more extensive solutions. As a result, they’re costlier to repair.

Parts under Warranty

In the event of a unit malfunctioning, it’s usually as a result of an individual component misbehaving. The component in question might still be under warranty from the manufacturer or retailer of the HVAC unit. Regular HVAC maintenance can help pinpoint problems with the parts before their warranty expires.

This is very important since you can get the repairs and replacements done without incurring any expenses aside from the labor charges. It’s prudent to maintain a list of all warranty expiration dates.

At Hagerstown Heating & Cooling, we offer qualified HVAC repair and installation services for residents of Hagerstown, MD. We also offer emergency repair services to ensure you’re not stuck with a broken unit in the middle of the night, so please feel free to contact our professional team for more details.

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