Dealing With Water Leaks

How to Find the Sneaky Water Leaks in Your Boonsboro, MD, Home

January 29, 2021

We all understand the importance of water and how the lack of it affects us. As a result, homeowners in Boonsboro, MD, pipe water into their homes to conveniently use it for cooking, cleaning, washing and even gardening. One of the most common issues we have to deal with when it comes to water is leaks. Here’s how to find sneaky water leaks in your home:

Monitor Your Home Water Bills

Water leaks may destroy home furniture, electronics and even your property. They could also lead to expensive insurance claims and high utility bills. Sometimes the leaks may be tiny and not so obvious, but the damage can still occur.

In most homes, water bills are easily predictable. So, if you notice a steep increase, you need to check for leaks.

If you haven’t changed your monthly water-usage habits, you’ll be able to tell you have a leak by comparing the previous month’s bills to your current bill. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that a household of four uses about 12,000 gallons a month.

Look at the Water Meter

If you suspect a leak, but you cannot see any obvious signs, have a look at your water meter. The water meter location is near the street, next to the house or at the back. Before checking the water meter, ensure you do the following:

  • Make sure all water faucets are off, including dishwashers and washing machines.
  • Look at the meter, take note of the figures and get back after some time (an hour or two) to look at the numbers again. If you notice any change, there’s a leak, and you need to replace the pipes.
  • To determine where the leak is, turn off the valve from the main home water supply. Normally, this is in the utility room or the basement.
  • Look at the meter again, note down the figures and come back after a while. If you notice a change, that means the water leakage is on the mainline running to your home. If the figures don’t change, that means the leakage is in your house.

Add Dye to the Toilet

A toilet is an essential part of our homes and uses a lot of water. The toilet rubber stopper gets brittle over time and may allow water to drip or trickle down to the bowl.

Add a few drops of dye to the tank and wait a few minutes. You’ll notice the bowl’s color if the tank is leaking.

Install a Leak Detector

Some pipes and water fixtures experience leakages more than others. For example, old water heaters may develop holes due to corrosion, and the pipes running to the faucets may burst in the winter season. Therefore, it’s necessary to install a leak detector that emits an alarm in case of any leak.

Some water stains may appear on the floor, ceiling or walls near the pipes. This may show up as moisture or simple watermarks, but you should take action to determine whether there are sneaky water leaks. Take notice of the following:

  • Bulging wallboards/paint bubbling: In case of a water leak, you may notice a bulge in the wallpapers and paint coming out where the pipe passes through. That means that the wall is wet, and you need plumbing repairs.
  • DE colorization of the wall: Your drywall could soak up water from the leaking pipes and start to change color, mostly to a brownish or yellowish color. If you see this, it’s critical that you repair the leaking pipe. One of our professional plumbers can help with your leak immediately.

When you notice the above signs, it’s necessary to determine whether it’s a plumbing leak. A water pipe leak could mean higher bills, damage to your property or even a foul smell around the house. If you think you have a leak and need a plumber, call Hagerstown Heating & Cooling.

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